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Retailers of all kinds have times of the year when items are sold at a deep discount. For February the best buys are……

Televisions……January and February

Why? In the United States, the Super Bowl has been a great time to upgrade your TV for your friends and family to enjoy the BIG game. Plus, all the new TV models start to arrive in March; which means last years inventories have to go! Deeper discounts prevail as retailers get closer to 2013 models being delivered.


Why? Again, new inventories arrive in the early part of the year and the old or discontinued models must MOVE! With less cameras being sold due to the rise of the cell phone & iPad camera’s; discounts may get STEEPER!

Motorcycles & Boats….February

Why? Most people aren’t using boats or motorcycles in the dead of winter……To increase showroom traffic during the winter months these items receive some of their biggest discounts of the year

Bargains after Valentines Day (February 14) include:

Chocolate, Steak , Seafood & Flowers


Buying Floor Models for BIG Savings

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